Our Business


Real Estate Business Investment

VINAHUD has recently teamed up with key partners to invest in and develop real estate projects across the country, ranging from resort real estate to metropolitan regions, as part of a long-term development strategy Up to now, VINAHUD and its partners have been researching on investment and working on legal formalities for numerous key projects


Consultancy on Project Management

Consultancy on project management is one of the key areas prioritized for development of VINAHUD. VINAHUD is delighted to be a leading prestigious and professional project management consultant business in Vietnam, with over 14 years of experience in the field of project management.



With a team of expert employees with the strength of rich experience in the field of construction of urban areas, high-rise buildings, and apartment buildings. VINAHUD confidently constructs high-quality structures/projects, including the following: Investment project to construct the headquarters of Vinahud Joint Stock Company in Trung Yen 9 Street, Trung Yen Urban Area, Trung Hoa